The best accommodations in Brasov in Romania

Brasov is such a lovely and relaxed city. Everything that I want in a place this Romanian city in Transylvania has. It’s pretty compact and you can basically walk from place to place. The atmosphere is chill and although it’s a city it has a village vibe. There are a lot of cute coffee places, good restaurants with traditional and international food and you can even enjoy some nightlife here. And they love desserts and ice cream here, a big plus for me! In this blog I will share my favorite accommodations in Brasov in Romania with you guys. There are options for solo travellers, couples and small group of friends. So something for everyone!

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Best accommodations in Brasov

1. ZoZo House

My favorite accommodation in Brasov is definitely ZoZo House. It’s opened at the end of 2018 so it’s really new. I have spend a lot of weeks in this hostel. It’s a small hostel with only a few beds and bungalows, so there is a real community feeling. Most people make plans during breakfast (breakfast is included in the price!) and you can easily get to know other travelers. It’s the perfect place for solo travelers, but I’ve met also a bunch of couples and small group of friends.

At the first floor you will find the dorm. All beds have a curtain for some extra privacy, outlets and a locker. Towels are included as well. The living room, bathrooms and the kitchen are great (one of the few hostels where I made myself a decent meal). Besides that there’s a big garden where you will find bungalows, in the form of wine barrels. These ones are perfect for travel couples or people who wanna have some more privacy. The internet is really good, so it’s a great place for digital nomads as well!

The hostel is not far away from the train station. Are you making a road trip? This is one of the only places where you will find a free parking spot in Brasov quite easy, right in front of the door. From ZoZo House it’s a 30 minutes walk to the old city center or a 10 minute bus drive.

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2. Hostel Home Brasov

This is a great hostel if you’re looking for some privacy and some quiet time for an affordable price. Hostel Home Brasov has only 14 beds, divided over 2 rooms. All beds have a curtain, 2 outlets and a lamp. The best thing is that the beds are big: every person is actually sleeping in a 2-persons bed. Towels are included as well. The room has a fridge and a microwave, if you wanna make an easy meal. There are lockers as well. Also the showers were great. Only downside is that you don’t really have a communal area and there is no reception. So you have to let them know beforehand what time you will arrive. You will get a code to enter the hostel. But the location is super: in 2 minutes you’re standing on the central square, while it’s still in a quiet area for a good night of sleep.

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3. Bed Stage Brasov

Bed Stage Brasov is a good option if you’re looking for some privacy in a central spot, but still want to meet other travelers or locals. Bed Stage Brasov is a new hostel (opened in the summer of 2019) in the pedestrian street in the city center. Everything is brand new, like the showers and the beds. The beds have a curtain for some privacy, an outlet and a lamp. There are also lockers in the rooms. And the towel is included.

Unfortunately there’s not a communal area in this hostel, but there is a terrace outside to talk with some people. I liked that the place is also a popular spot for locals to have a chat with travelers. It’s mainly solo travelers who are staying there, so it’s a great place if you’re traveling by yourself. The staff is really friendly and although there is no kitchen to prepare something you can order some beer, juice or coffee at the reception.

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4. Casa Monte Verde

Together with 2 friends I stayed a couple of night in Casa Monte Verde. The location is great and it’s a great base to explore Brasov and surroundings during a road trip. There are a lot of parking spots around the hotel (both paid and for free). There is 24-hour reception, the rooms are clean and the beds are good. From here it’s only a couple of minutes to the supermarket (Carrefour), to the foot of Tâmpa and the central square.

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These are my favorite accommodations in Brasov. Do you have other recommendations? Tell me and other travelers via the comments!

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