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Do you like to travel? To chase dreams? To search for adventures? To try new things? Are you always searching for ways to discover a new place on a budget? Do you not only want articles, but also a lot of pictures and travel movies?

If you have answered (most of) these questions above with a YES, this is the place to be. Welcome and thank you for being interested in Corners of the World, the blog about traveling to all kind of places. Often on a budget. The main subjects are backpacking, slow-travel, budget travel, volunteer work, outdoor and adventure.

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I’m Jessica, owner and founder of the travel blog Corners of the World. I’m a Dutch girl, but a world citizen at heart. I started my study Journalism in 2009 because I wanted to share interesting stories with the rest of the world. Nowadays I work as a freelance writer, photographer and moviemaker. I can work wherever I want, as long if there’s Wi-Fi. I’m a digital nomad.

A lot of my work is already travel-related, but with Corners of the World I gave myself carte blanche. Here I can share whatever I want: doubts and thoughts about traveling, tips for destinations and personal travel stories. Often budget-related, because when I started my study Journalism I knew I would never be rich like Christiano Ronaldo or Bill Gates. And since I have no intentions to marry a gigantic rich sheik I will have to be creative with money and opportunities to go to travel. I’m a budget-traveller and off course I love to share my budget-tips with you.


All texts, images and videos on Corners of the World are (unless otherwise indicated) owned by Lokker Media Productions, Chamber of Commerce: 61417599. Without prior permission, nothing on this website can be copied and duplicated.


Do you want to work together? That sounds like fun! You can send me an e-mail to talk about the possibilities. It’s possible to send you a mediakit of Corners of the World. In a sponsored blog or a collaboration I will always mention this in the article. This is not an option, because it’s obligated by law. I’m not working together with companies that do not fit my personality, travel style and travel blog.



If I’ve put links in an article with affiliate links, I will always put it in the footer. If you buy something after clicking on the link, I will receive a little percentage from the web shop. You won’t pay nothing more, but the shop will pay me because I’ve connected a reader and the web shop. Of course I only link to products and websites that are worth mentioning.


The info I place on Corners of the World is written with great care. However, information is subject to change. I am not liable for any consequences arising from the use of the information on this website, but I hope that the information will be useful and inspiring for you!


Any more questions about me or the blog? Do you want some more info about a destination? Or do you just want to say hi to me? For all that and more you can e-mail to [email protected]

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