Tips for a visit to Peleş Castle: my favorite castle in Romania

I absolutely love castles. And Romania is a great place for castle lovers. Almost every week I visit another beautiful one. But the most beautiful one is definitely Peleş Castle. I haven’t visited a castle ANYWHERE in Europe that is so beautiful and decorated as this one. In this blog I share my tips for a visit to Peleş Castle, so you can enjoy this amazing castle to the fullest!


A short history lesson about Peleş Castle..

Peleş Castle is situated in Sinaia, a village between Brasov and Bucharest. The Romanian name of the castle is Castelul Peleş. You can find Sinaia on the foot of the Bucegi mountains, so it has a really picturesque surroundings. The castle is not as old as some in Europe. It was build between 1875 and 1914 as a summer palace for the royal family of king Carol I. Carol had German roots, so it’s no surprise the castle has a lot of German influences. After World War II Romania was part of the communistic Soviet-Union and the castle was uninhabited for a while. In the communistic times it was a museum. After communism the old king of Romania, Michael I, wanted to live in the Peleş Castle again. He lived here until he died in 2017. That’s pretty special: until that time you could actually run into the old king if you visited the Peleş Castle!

The castle has a lot of different architecture styles, so it’s a party for lovers of pretty buildings. You should definitely check out the wooden details. There are 14 different kind of wood in the architecture of the Peleş Castle! The neorenaissance and the baroque are in most rooms of the castle. These styles are known for their classic features like columns, but also because of the many details and the lushness. It’s so extravagance that visitors don’t know where to look and they feel a little overwhelmed by all of it. That was like that ages ago, but also nowadays. Other rooms are decorated for example in the Morish (Northern African) or Turkish styles. There are over 160 rooms in the castle, but not all of them are open for visitors.


A visit to the Peleş Castle

It’s great that you can not only see the beautiful rooms, that are unique every time you enter a new room, but also because of the interior and the decoration. There is still so much to see and it makes your phantasy go wild! It’s a great way to really have an idea how the royal family lived here. Did you know that the Peleş Castle was the first castle in Europe that had electricity? And that the castle was used for the Netflix-movie A Christmas Prince? In the movie the royal family of a non-existent country lives in the palace, but this castle for sure is real. And you can visit it!

If you want to visit Peleş Castle I would recommend to spend 1,5 – 2 hours here if you only visit the ground floor and 3 hours if you visit the whole castle. Around the castle you can have a nice walk and enjoy the details on the walls and the statues in the gardens as well. Besides that it can be busy and you have to wait for the next tour, especially in summer times. The parking ticket for the car is for the whole day, so you don’t have to stress about that.


Information for your visit to Peleş Castle in Romania

Opening times of Peleş Castle

A lot of sights in Romania are not open on Mondays. Peleş Castle is also closed every Monday. Besides that in wintertime the castle is closed on Tuesdays as well. On Wednesdays the first tours start at 11.00 in the morning, the rest of the days they start at 9.15 in the morning.

Check the opening times before you start planning your trip in Romania. Although the website of Peleş Castle is only in Romanian language, you can check the most recent opening times here. Just check under “PROGRAM ȘI TAXE” for the prices and opening times.


A tour in Peleş Castle

You can choose between 2 different tours in Peleş Castle. The first tour is only showing you the ground floor. This tour costs 30 lei for adults and will take 45 – 60 minutes. It depends how busy it is in the castle. During this tour you will see many beautiful rooms like the library, the music hall, conference rooms and the armory with pistols, swords and shields of different countries.


With the second tour you will visit both the ground floor and the first floor. On the first floor you will mainly see the bedrooms and the bathrooms of the royal family. If you have time I would recommend you to see both floors, because there is a lot to see. It’s also a bit more quiet on the first floor, because not that many people join the whole tour. So that can be nice on a busy day in the castle.

When you stand in front of the entrance of the castle you will see the cash desk for international / English-speaking tours on your left. At the right side you can join the Romanian tours (but you probably don’t want that). You can check out the castle with a guide, but you can also move around by yourself without a guide. Although it’s really nice to walk with the guide through the castle first. The guides are included in the ticket and they can tell you many stories and interesting facts about the things you will see in the rooms.


Entrance fee for Peleş Castle

30 lei for adults for the ground floor tour

60 lei for adults for the ground floor + first floor tour

Important! You can only pay with cash money at Peleş Castle. There is an ATM along the way to the castle, but you probably want to get this beforehand to skip those lines.

Do you want to take pictures in Peleş Castle? Then you have to buy a photo ticket for 35 lei. I didn’t even know you needed one until a guard told me not to take photos with my camera. It was nice that I could keep all the pictures I had taken so far. If you take a picture with your phone that’s probably fine too. Many people in our tour group took photos with the phone and nobody said something to them. But if you wanna bring a photo camera inside it’s better to just buy the photo ticket at the cash desk.


Visit the Pelisor Castle

Next to Peleş Castle you can find another castel: Pelisor Castle. It’s only a couple of minutes walking distance from the castle. If you have time you should check out this castle as well. The entrance fee for Pelisor Castle is 20 lei for adults. Because of time I didn’t go in, but I think it can be really nice as well. And when it’s busy – for example in the summer months – it’s probably less busy in this castle too.


How do you reach Peleş Castle?

Go to Peleş Castle by car

Brasov is a great place to stay if you wanna make a day trip to Peleş Castle in Sinaia. Sinaia is south of Brasov, about 1 hour drive (if you don’t have traffic jams). In the weekends it can be SUPER busy and there can be traffic jams for more than 2 hours!

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If you go from Bucharest to Peleş Castle it take longer: about 2,5 hours by car. But it’s a great stop if you’re heading from Bucharest to Brasov (or the other way around). Parking near the castle costs 20 lei per day, you can only pay with cash money. And a bit further away, in the center of Sinaia, there are free parking spaces as well.


Go to Peleş Castle by train

You can also go to Peleş Castle by public transport. Sinaia has a train station and it’s easy to reach this station via Brasov or Bucharest (Gara de Nord). From the train station in Sinaia it’s about 30 minutes walk to the castle. Keep in mind that the first part is a bit uphill. You can also take a taxi from the train station to the castle: it will not take more than 10 minutes. I payed 16,90 lei (€3,60 euros) for my train ticket from Brasov to Sinaia.


Do you love castles as much as I do? Share your enthusiasm for this castle – or any other castle – in the comments!

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