Recap – november 2015

At the end of every month I always look back. Looking back on my travels, on my daily life, on Corners of the World. I also share a few happy moments with you that are worth mentioning.

The time passed by so quickly! I had to skip some places to meet my sister in San Salvador, because we had planned to travel a month together in Guatemala and Belize. I skipped diving in Honduras, volcano boarding in Nicaragua and surfing in El Salvador for example.


Travel & daily life

At the beginning of November I volunteered at a sea turtle project. Have you already read my experiences with this amazing project? Afterwards I traveled to Uvita on the Pacific coast. I wanted to join whale watching, but November is the ONLY month there aren’t any whales in the area.. Better luck next time! It was still one of the nicest places I’ve been for surfing. The waves in the morning were perfect to exercise a lot. Manuel Antonio was a wonderful place to spot a lot of animals, for example some sloths and monkeys. It may be very touristy, but it’s still an awesome place!


After Manuel Antonio it was time for me to shoot some videos in La Fortuna and Monteverde. I had the opportunity to sleep in some nice hotels and go to a spa for my work. Pretty awesome, right? It was really nice to have a whole room for myself, but after three days I was longing for some people around me, in my own ‘environment’.


I skipped a lot of places I wanted to visit in Nicaragua. Actually, I only went to San Juan del Sur for just one night (playing beer pong and drink a lot of cocktails) and I’ve spent some nights in a relaxed hostel at the beach, Surfing Turtle Léon. It’s a little paradise, except for the thousand mosquitos that really, really liked me.


Worst bus drive ever…

Then it was time to meet my sister in San Salvador. Time for the worst bus drive ever. The shuttle normally takes about nine hours to go from Léon (Nicaragua) via Honduras to San Salvador (El Salvador). Three countries, two border crossings, one driver. That’s just the right recipe for a drama cocktail, right? We left in the middle of the night and the driver already closed one eye in the first hour. “No estas cansado?’, I ask the driver. He said everything is okay. Everything was NOT okay. I tried to sleep, but suddenly the car is shaking and we end up next to the road. At first I thought we had hit an animal, but it turns out he fell asleep. Although he wouldn’t say that ofcourse (he said to his boss another car was involved). Luckily nobody was injured, but the bus was broken. We could only drive 30 kilometers per hour. Nine hours became more than twenty hours. After a horrible drive me and my sister (who wasn’t even in the bus) got a free night in a private room. Because my sister lost her backpack, it was a relief to have a room just for the two of us.


For four more weeks we will travel through Guatemala and Belize, until Christmas. We started in Antigua, then went to the eastern part of Guatemala (Rio Dulce & Livingston). We made a choice to only visit Caye Caulker in Belize, to stay a little bit longer at one place.


Corners of the World

It was a little bit quiet on the blog. Mostly because lack of time, not lack of inspiration. If a day would have 48 hours.. I moved a lot of work, including the translation of previous blogs, to January. But I will still post fun, crazy and informative stories.

I’m also really curious what you think of Corners of the World. What would you like to see different? What do you think about the design? The subjects? The length of the articles? The quality of the stories? The photos? Do you want more informative articles or more personal stories? Just let me know in a comment! It will only help me to improve this site.



Happy moments

– For the first time in my life I colored my hair all by myself. Normally my mum helps me with this, but after three months I really needed a new color. I was a little bit nervous, but I understood the instructions in Spanish and everything turned out totally fine!

– I’m really happy I didn’t skip Costa Rica. What a beautiful country!


– It’s make me so happy that more and more people find their way to Corners of the World and send me messages with questions about traveling and certain countries. I started this blog in the first place to help other travelers, to give information and share amazing stories. I’m really happy that I can help and inspire other people!

– How cute is this billet? It puts a smile on my face every time I use this money from Costa Rica.


– But it was even more fun spotting sloths in Costa Rica! Although some sloths are more cute than others…


– In Nicaragua I’ve met the most adorable old couple. They lived half of the year in Canada, half of the year in El Salvador. They were traveling through Nicaragua and stayed in hostels and small guesthouses. I really enjoyed our conversations. They were full of joy and we laughed a lot about stories we shared. They were older than the usual traveler I meet, but I think it’s fantastic they still want to discover new places. “We don’t have a lot of money to spend on fancy hotels. But even if we would have the money, we wouldn’t go there. It’s all about the experiences and the people you meet.” Hallelujah!

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I hope you all have a lovely last month of 2015!

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