Cheap restaurants in Innsbruck with affordable AND good food

Innsbruck is one of my favourite cities in Europe. The capital of Tyrol is lovely with the colourful houses at the river side and the mountains all around you. In winter time it’s one of the best places to combine a winter sports with a citytrip. So if you love diversity, this is your place. Also the food in Innsbruck is surprisingly diverse. You have the typical restaurants in Innsbruck with Austrian food, but also lots of food from different countries. Think Mexican, Indian and Japanese. In this blog I share my favourite cheap restaurants in Innsbruck where you can enjoy affordable AND good food. All of these restaurants have vegetarian options and some even offer vegan food. All dishes that I ordered in these restaurants in Innsbruck were less than €15 euros.

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Keep in mind!

Many lunch places and restaurants in Innsbruck are closed on Mondays. So check out the opening times before you visit the place. It’s also a good idea to bring cash money with you while you’re in Innsbruck. In a lot of restaurants in Innsbruck you CAN’T pay with a debit card or credit card.

Best cheap restaurants in Innsbruck

1. Strudel Café Kröll

If you’re in Tyrol you need to have a strudel. You can’t leave the country without trying one! The best place to enjoy a strudel in Innsbruck is Strudel Cafe Kröll. Many Austrian people I know told me they make the best strudels, so that is good proof right? You can sit inside and in summer times there is a small terrace outside as well. It’s a popular place for locals, so especially during lunch times it can be super busy. Strudels are mainly filled with sweet stuff like apple, mango or cherries. But there are also some savory strudels. My favorite is the strudel with spinach and feta. Also nice: Kröll opens really early in the morning (like 6) and stays open until late!

Prices: from €3,80 euros per strudel. You can only pay with cash money.

Address: Hofgasse 6, in the Altstadt.


2. My Indigo Museumsstrasse

I love the concept of My Indigo. This is a chain you find in multiple Austrian cities. You can put together a dish with lots of healthy ingredients. The dishes are healthy, super tasty AND big. All of that for a great price as well. With my sister I have eaten here multiple times. Most dishes are vegetarian and some are even vegan. My favourite meal is the African peanut pot with coconut rice and extra nuts.

Prices: from €6,90 euros per meal. You can pay with cash money or card.

Address: Museumstrasse 34, not far away from the trainstation Hauptbahnhof. There is another My Indigo restaurant at the Stainerstrasse in Innsbruck.


3. Machete – Burrito Kartell

A nice and cozy restaurant in Innsbruck where you can enjoy Mexican food is Machete. The restaurant is not really big: not more than 20 people can sit here. They don’t work with reservations, so it’s quite common to wait for a table for 10-30 minutes in the evening. But it’s definitely worth the wait, because the food is delicious. And if you don’t want to wait you can have it as take away as well. It’s possible to order vegetarian dishes like vegetarian burrito and taco’s. The dishes here are big too, so you won’t leave the place hungry.

Prices: from €7,50 euros. You can only pay with cash money.

Address: Anichstrasse 29, just outside of the Altstadt.

4. HaPoel

I absolutely love Israeli food. You do too? Then you should go to HaPoel in Innsbruck. They also have a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. If you’re by yourself I recommend the Sabich Tray. If you’re with multiple people you should order a mezze with different small dishes. Like shakshuka, bulgur salads and hummus. If you’re a dessert lover you should definitely try malabi as well.

Prices: €10 – 15 euros per person if you order multiple dishes. You can pay with cash money or by card.

Address: Universitätsstrasse 18


5. Himal

Searching for a good curry in Innsbruck? The Nepalese restaurant Himal is your place to be. The dishes are divided in vegetarian, fish and meat. There are also some gluten free options. The food is lovely and the portions are good.

Prices: €10 – 14 euros for a dish, including naan bread and rice. So you don’t have to order this on the side. You can only pay with cash money here.

Address: Universitätsstrasse 13

6. Café Bar Moustache

Moustache is a place with a nice atmosphere if you wanna have a drink in the evening. They have lots of options for a good beer! The place feels like home and it may look small, but it has multiple rooms so it’s bigger than you might think. Do you want to eat something as well? They have cheap meals that you can order with your drink. Mostly salads and wraps, but the falafel plate is a great choice as well. Most options are vegetarian, some are even vegan – like the vegan chili.

Prices: most dishes are €7 – 10 euros. You can only pay with cash money.

Address: Herzog-Otto-Strasse 8, in the Altstadt (not far away from the river side)


7. Café & Pub Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a bit hidden, so if you’re not searching for it you might pass it without knowing it. But if you’re looking for a good place to lunch or have a small dinner with vegan options this is a great hotspot. I loved the chocolate cake with cherries, but the carrot cake is great as well. They have some other dishes like quiches and grilled sandwiches. Also you can make your drinks dairy-free, for example with almond and soy milk.

Prices: menu of the day is soup and a dish for €8,50 euros. Vegan cakes are €3,50 euros. You can only pay with cash money.

Address: Marktgraben 2, not far away from the Markthalle.


8. Breakfast in Innsbruck: Breakfast Club

To be honest it wasn’t that easy to find a nice place to have breakfast in Innsbruck. Luckily I found the Breakfast Club. The name says it already: you have many options here for a good breakfast. The restaurant is quite small, so you might have to wait for a table. There’s options for a sweet breakfast (like French toast), but lots of savory breakfasts as well (LOTS of omelettes). Most options are vegetarian and there are even some vegan and gluten-free options. It’s one of the only restaurants in Innsbruck where they have the menu in German, English AND Italian.

Prices: starting from €3,80 euros. Most breakfast options are about €7,50 euros. You can pay with cash money or card.

Address: Maria-Theresien-Strasse 49.

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These were my favorite cheap restaurants in Innsbruck, where you can enjoy affordable and good food. Do you know more hotspots in Innsbruck? Let me and other travelers know in the comments below!

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