Lisbon for digital nomads: the best coffee places & co-working spaces

Published in January 2019. Last update in February 2020.

Lisbon is a really popular destination in Europe for digital nomads. The Portuguese capital has almost all year round nice weather. Daily life is a lot cheaper than in most European capitals, like Berlin, Amsterdam or London. The city has an international vibe, where you can run into a lot of expats and fellow digital nomads. And coffee in Portugal is sacred, so there are A LOT OF coffee places in the city. In summer time you can spend your spare time at the beach (or surf!) and in winter time there are nice day trips like Sintra and Sesimbra. So for me it was quite easy to write about life in Lisbon for digital nomads.


What is a good workplace for digital nomads?

There are multiple important things to consider if you found a good place to work as a digital nomad. Most important: the WiFi needs to be fast. Otherwise as a digital nomad you probably can’t do most of your work. Enough available outlets are necessary as well. Besides that I drink a lot of coffee, so good quality of coffee is quite important to me as well. As is the rest of the menu by the way. It’s always nice if they have vegan and vegetarian options for lunch. If I’m sitting there the whole day I prefer to have some healthy options.

On top of that I want to feel welcome in a coffee place as a digital nomad. Not all coffee places like to have lots of people with laptops in their café, and that’s understandable. It’s good if they have a separate corner for digital nomads or if they say beforehand they don’t want to have laptops on the tables. Because of some of these reasons I haven’t included Nicolau and Flora & Fauna in this list.

Where are the best workspots in Lisbon?

I have found the best workspots for digital nomads in Lisbon in the areas Bairro Alto, Baixa and at LxFactory in the area Alcântara. Check beforehand if a coffee place is open on Mondays. Most coffee places in this blog are opened on Mondays, but a lot of places and sights in Lisbon are closed on Mondays.

Co-working places in Lisbon via GetCroissant

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The best coffee places & co-working spaces in Lisbon

1. The Therapist at LxFactory (Alcântara)

The LxFactory used to be a weapon factory, but now it’s a trendy place to spot street art, visit art galleries and check out cool hotspots. One of my favorites here is The Therapist. They have good WiFi, good coffee, a nice lunch menu (with lots of vegetarian and vegan options). And the atmosphere is chill. I don’t need anything else for a nice day to get some shit done. O, and did I already tell you you can book a massage at the Therapist as well?

WiFi at The Therapist

Fast and unlimited internet, you have to log in with a password.

The hotspot

There are many tables where you can sit. Not all tables have outlets, but there are enough places where you can charge your devices. A lot of people who come here have laptops as well or they meet here for business. You can easily sit here the whole day without feeling uncomfortable.

Menu at The Therapist

Good affordable coffee, also dairy-free alternatives. There is a lunch menu for €8,50 euros with soup and a lunch meal. The menu changes often because they work a lot with seasonal ingredients. There are many options for vegetarians and vegans, and it’s all delicious!


2. Copenhagen Coffeelab (Alcântara)

If you’re looking for a quiet place to work Copenhagen Coffeelab in Alcântara is your place. It’s much more quiet than the other work spaces in the city center and it’s a good place if you need to call/Skype. Sometimes there’s music on, but it’s no problem to ask if they can lower the volume. Copenhagen Coffeelab has multiple coffee places in Lisbon. There’s another one in Alfama and in Baixa. It’s also one of the only places in Lisbon that’s already open at 8 in the morning.

WiFi in Copenhagen Coffeelab

Fast and unlimited internet, log in with a password.

The hotspot

The interior and decoration is simple with a couple of cool paintings at the wall. It definitely feels Scandinavian, but that doesn’t surprise me with a Danish background. There’s a lot of places to sit in Copenhagen Coffeelab in Alcântara: my favorite is the corners at the window side. Most tables have the possibility to charge your devices. Also nice: there are jugs with fruit water on the tables, that you can use and refill for free.

Menu at Copenhagen Coffeelab

Coffee is a bit more expensive than in typical Portuguese coffee places, but still affordable (an Americano is €2 euros). The menu is not super extensive, so for a big lunch this is not the place to be. But they have nice sandwiches and pastries. The brownie with walnuts is delicious as well!


3. Boutik (Bairro Alto)

It’s not the most suitable place to work on your laptop, but I love this hotspot: Boutik in the Bairro Alto area. This coffee place is not only serving drinks and food, but it’s also a surf & skate shop. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed, and so are the people who work there. I love the decoration. It’s not the most convenient for work, but it’s nice to sit here for a couple of hours.

WiFi in Boutik

Fast and unlimited internet, log in with a password.

The hotspot

The restaurant is in the middle of a surf & skate shop. You’ll definitely get some exotic vibes when you enter this place. Lots of surf stuff, bamboo decoration and all. There are not many tables and the tables are quite small, so it’s okay if you work by yourself. The hanging chairs are also awesome, although it can be uncomfortable to sit in them to work.

Menu at Boutik

The menu is pretty diverse and they have delicious pokebowls and smoothiebowls, love it! The bowls are served in coconuts, how cute is that? My favorite one is the mango tango smoothiebowl. Although you can have a regular cup of coffee here as well.


4. Go Natural – Loreto (Bairro Alto)

Do you love bowls as much as I do? They you have to go to Go Natural. This chain (supermarket and restaurant) you’ll find in different spots in Lisbon. Go Natural – Loreto is situated at the busy street Rua do Loretol, in Bairro Alto. They have healthy meals, friendly staff and good prices, so a great place to sit and work for some hours.

WiFi in Go Natural – Loreto

Fast and unlimited internet, log in with a password.

The hotspot

Go Natural – Loreto is not really big, because most people come here for a fast bite or take away. It’s a good place to work for 2 – 3 hours, but I would feel a bit uncomfortable to sit here all day long with a laptop. There’s not really a laptop proof atmosphere. There are only a couple of outlets, so you can’t charge your devices everywhere you sit.

Menu at Go Natural – Loreto

The bowls are made with natural products and there’s many options. They are also affordable: the cheapest one if €3,50 euros but most are between €5-7 euros.


5. the mill (Bairro Alto)

The mill is another cute, small coffee place in Bairro Alto. The room has only one big table, a couple of small tables and the bar at the window. The staff is really friendly and the specials of the mill are always delicious (depends on the season). Also nice: most coffee places and co-working spaces in Bairro Alto only open around 9/9.30 in the morning, but the mill is already opened at 8.

WiFi in the mill

Fast and unlimited internet, log in with a password.


Not really big, so it’s a nice place to work in silence. I like the big table, where you can sit with other people with laptops. The coffee place is simple, but practical with the design. Personally I thought the music was a bit too loud, but you can ask to turn down the volume a bit.

Menu at the mill

Healthy and nice food for good prices. The mill has a couple of specials. They change, depending on the season. I was there once in winter time and I loved the pumpkin bread and the winter special juice. Fancy a boujee brunch or lunch? Then you can get some wine here as well. Did you tried the Portuguese green wine (vinho verde) already?

6. COMOBA (Bairro Alto/Chiado)

If you’re searching for a place to work where they have a vegan and vegetarian menu COMOBA is you’re place. The prices are a bit higher than other coffee places in Lisbon, but the food is really good.


Fast and unlimited internet, log in with a password.

The hotspot

Most people who sit here have a laptop, so you can easily work here all day long without feeling uncomfortable. You can sit at the bar or the small tables at the wall, but I like the big table the most. It feels like you’re together with some fellow laptop workers.

Menu at COMOBA

Everything on the menu is vegetarian – and most things are even vegan. So if you’re in the mood for meat you shouldn’t go here. Prices for lunch are around €7-10 euros. I recommend the matcha pancakes if you wanna try something different. Also nice: there are bottles with fruit water on the tables, that you can constantly use.


7. Hello, Kristof (Bairro Alto)

If you search for a place in Bairro Alto where you can work in silence the small coffee place Hello, Kristof is your place. This coffee place only has one big table and a couple of small tables. I like the atmosphere is I want a quiet place to work. I also like the many (English) magazines at the wall, that you can read when you take a small break.

WiFi at Hello, Kristof

Fast and unlimited internet, log in with a password.

The hotspot

This place is not big, so it’s good to arrive here early if you wanna work here all day. Most people sit here with a laptop, so don’t feel uncomfortable if you will sit and work here all day long. Not every table has outlets, but there is an extension cord to charge your stuff at the big table.

Menu at Hello, Kristof

I like their coffee and pastries and they have good prices. The pies (like the raspberry pie) is amazing. But they also have other options like toast and bowls.


8. Café Boavida (Bairro Alto)

Not far away from Hello, Kristof there is another coffee place I love to work: Boavida. This coffee place has an industrial look, a relaxed atmosphere and there is a lot of space to sit. There is even a first floor with extra space to sit. Sustainability is really important for this coffee place, so they get some bonus points for that. They work mainly with seasonal ingredients and local products. They also try to minimalize waste and plastic in the kitchen. A nice place for digital nomads in Lisbon!

WiFi in Café Boavida

Fast and unlimited internet, log in with a password.

The hotspot

Nice and spacious coffee place with a lot of different places to sit and work. It’s no problem if you sit here with your laptop the whole day. Most tables have outlets, so it’s easy to charge your devices.

Menu at Café Boavida

Their coffee and hot chocolate is really nice. Besides that Boavida is one of the cheapest work places I have visited in Lisbon. For example: I got some soup for lunch and I paid €1,80 euros! And I love that they work with local producers and suppliers, so that makes their menu a bit more sustainable as well!


9. Starbucks Belém (Belém)

In Belém there are a lot of cute pastries and bakeries (like Pastéi de Belém!) and some coffee places. But most of these places aren’t suitable for digital nomads in Lisbon. You can’t really sit there with a laptop, especially not all day long. Most places don’t have WiFi for their guests, it can be really busy and there are barely any outlets. If you’re in Belém and need a place to work I would suggest going to Starbucks Belém. At the first floor of this coffee place you can easily sit and work for hours. Most tables have outlets as well, to charge your devices.

WiFi in Starbucks Belém

Not the fastest internet in Lisbon, but for a Starbucks surprisingly fast. I could do things like answering emails, searching for information and uploading some photos. You have to ask for the WiFi code at the cash desk. With the code your internet will be faster than when you log in with your Facebook account for WiFi.

The hotspot

You can order downstairs and here it can be quite busy. Most people want to have a take away coffee. However, at the first floor it’s not really busy. Only around lunchtime there were some kids drinking coffee and being a bit loud. Almost every table has an outlet.

Menu at Starbucks Belém

Coffee is more expensive than most Portuguese coffee places I know, but it’s still affordable if you need to finish some work. The menu of Starbucks mainly consists of sweet stuff and pastries, but there are also some sandwiches you can have for lunch. Although I’m not the biggest fan of them. You can also get a pastel de Belém (situated next to Starbucks). It’s no problem if you wanna eat that pastry in the Starbucks.

These were my tips for Lisbon for digital nomads. Do you know another coffee place or a co-working space that should be in this list? Tell other travellers and me about it in the comments below!

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