Best hostels in Bucharest in Romania (+ 1 really bad choice)

Bucharest is not my favorite city in the world, but because of work I did spend some nights here. I have found some nice coffee places and co-working spaces for digital nomads in Bucharest. And I even made a list of my favorite things to do in Bucharest! But I also checked out some hostels in Bucharest, some nicer than others. In this blog I share my favorite hostels in Bucharest + 1 that was a really, really bad choice. I’m not complaining about a lot, but this one you definitely NOT wanna stay.

Best hostels in Bucharest (for solo travellers and digital nomads)

1. First Hostel

Perfect for: independent travelers who love some peace and freebies

The hostel: with a name like that I have to put this one first in the list, right? It’s a great base if you like some quiet time and to recharge from your travels. It’s a pretty small hostel with only a couple of dorms (4 beds, so not too big). The hostel also has a place where you can sit outside. Nothing fancy, but nice in the summer months to get some fresh air. There are 2 small kitchens where you can cook as well. The nice thing about this hostel is that a lot of things are included in your stay. Free towels, free breakfast, free use of a computer + printer, free coffee, tea and filtered water.

It’s not the best place to stay if you love to go out, because it’s a bit far away from the old town (about 20 minute walk). Here you can find most bars and clubs. Besides that there is only staff in the hostel for a couple of hours every day, to check people in. So if you have any questions you have to use the reception phone to call them to answer any questions. Because of this it’s important to let them know what time you will arrive. In the afternoon it’s not a problem, but if you arrive late at night they need to know in advance. So if you’re an independent traveler this is a great place to stay!

Dorms: I slept in a 4-bed dorm. It wasn’t too big, but big enough to store your stuff and move around. There were also lockers to put store some important stuff. The bathrooms are in the hallway, next to the kitchen. Every bed has outlets and it’s possible to charge stuff with the USB port.

What makes this a good hostel?

I liked it because it’s so small and quiet. It’s not a place where you’re gonna meet your next party buddies, but it’s really a place to slow down and enjoy doing nothing. In the small communal area there’s a tv with Netflix and HBO. In the kitchen you can get coffee, tea and filtered water all day. In the morning there’s free breakfast. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s the only hostel in Bucharest where I stayed and had this.

Internet: the internet is good, I could upload/download photos and videos. If it was busy it would take a bit longer, but it was still decent. You have to log in with a password.

Location: south of the square Piata Unirii, in the southern part of the city center. It’s about 10-15 minutes walk to the square, the metro and the central bus stop (for example to the airport).

Address: Bulevardul Marasesti 86

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2. Podstel Bucharest

Perfect for: the solo traveller who loves some quiet surroundings

Pay attention to this: Podstel has 2 hostels: Podstel Umbrella in the northern part of town and Podstel Bucharest in the southern part of town.

The hostel: Podstel Bucharest is a nice small hostel south of the central square Piata Unirii. It’s located in a residential area, so you won’t be awake all night because of cars and drunk people on the street. Because there are only a few dorms you pretty much get to know everybody in 2 days. It’s a great place to meet other solo travellers. Because they don’t have private rooms most visitors are solo travellers anyway. I have seen a few couples, but pretty much everyone was travelling by themselves. The showers are fine and there is a kitchen where you can prepare food. There is also a communal area outside, the Tea Garden. Take off your shoes before you enter, but you can use the free slippers to keep your feet warm!

Dorms: I slept in a 6-bed dorm, with 2 floors. This way there was a lot of space to move around and leave your stuff. There are also lockers (my day backpack fits in it). Every bed has 2 outlets to charge your stuff.

What makes this a good hostel?

There really is a community feeling in Podstel Bucharest. They have a lot of activities, like communal dinner, movie night, game night, workshops of local people, yoga and open stage. The atmosphere is relaxed and beers are only 5 lei (about €1 euro), yay!

Internet: really fast internet – probably the fastest of all of the hostel that I stayed in. You can use different hotspots in the building when you move around. The password is the same everywhere.

Location: in a quiet, residential area in the southern part of the city center. The building itself is a bit old, so it can be noisy when people come into the room again. From the hostel you walk in about 15 minutes to Piata Unirii, the central square.

Address: Strada Olimpului 13a

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3. Podstel Umbrella

Perfect for: the digital nomad or traveler who wants to stay in the area of Piata Romana

Pay attention to this: Podstel has 2 hostels: Podstel Umbrella in the northern part of town and Podstel Bucharest in the southern part of town.

The hostel: Podstel Umbrella has both dorms and private rooms. It’s a great hostel for digital nomads, I’ve met many of them in this hostel. The internet is good, it’s quiet and in the communal area it’s normal that people are sitting with their laptops. Also the option to stay in a private room is great, because as a digital nomad it can be nice to enjoy your privacy but also that community feeling. It’s not a big party place, but there are also some nice bars in the area like Gradina Eden (5 minute walk). The old town is 15 – 20 minute walk.

Dorms: nice dorms, all of them have big lockers. Every bed has a night lamp and multiple outlets.

What makes this a good hostel?

I liked Podstel Bucharest a lot because of the events, but as a guest in Podstel Umbrella you can join these events as well! Besides that Podstel Umbrella is a great place for digital nomads. I don’t think I have ever stayed in a hostel where it was SO normal that people where working on their computers. The hostel is also located in my favorite area of Bucharest: the area of Piata Romana. There are a lot of nice coffee places and some co-working spaces in this area.

Internet: good internet. There are multiple hotspots in the buildings, all with the same password. I could easily download + upload photos and videos.

Location: the hostel is in my favorite area of Bucharest: Piata Romana. With lots of restaurants and nice coffee shops to work as a digital nomad. It’s in the northern part of the city center, not too far away from the metro and the busses.

Address: Strada General Christian Tell 21

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4. The Midland Hostel

Perfect for: the budget traveller that doesn’t need much

The hostel: this hostel is ideal if you’re mainly exploring Bucharest and don’t want to spend too much time inside. It has a good location and if you wanna party most bars and clubs are not too far away. It’s a small hostel with only a few dorms. The communal area is nice, the showers are good and it’s nice to make some meals in the kitchen. And the balcony is small, but so cute!

Dorms: there are only a couple of dorms, so it doesn’t feel like a busy place at all. The dorms are quite big, so there is not that much space to move around. The beds are good and every bed has 2 outlets. There are also lockers where you can put your stuff.

What makes this a good hostel?

It’s a relaxed place where you can easily talk with other travellers in the communal area, but it’s also totally okay if you’re doing your own thing. The staff is friendly and at the reception you will find some board games. There’s also a board with local tips and places where you can go for free that day. And also nice: you can use as many towels as you want for free.

Internet: the internet is fine, although the WiFi was working better in the morning than in the evening (maybe because of the amount of people or maybe it’s renewing every night)

Location: this hostel is close to Podstel Umbrella, also in the area of Piata Romana. The metro and the busses are nearby, just like the supermarket (Mega Image) that’s open almost 24/7. In this area you’ll find some nice coffee places and restaurants as well.

Address: Strada Biserica Amzei 22

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Definitely NOT worth it: Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel / Pura Vida Hub

This hostel was such a huge disappointment. I had good expectations of this one. I mean: a hostel with a rooftop bar, how cool is that? I even saw some people who recommended the place a year ago, in 2018. But when I arrived at the address the door wouldn’t open. A guy on the street told me the hostel was closed a year ago, so I had to go to the building where Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel was. It sounded like a scam, but I went to that place anyways.

Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel is indeed gone. It now moved to the same building as Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel, with a new name: Pura Vida Hub. So there’s not a rooftop anymore; the reason many travelers book this hostel I believe. Apparently it’s too much effort to change it on the website or on I hope they will do that some day, because this is just really confusing.

What else….?

Anyway, so apparently now I was staying for a night in Pura Vida Hub. And thank god it was only 1 night. It was really loud and nobody in the room could sleep. Of course if you’re staying in the city center – anywhere – you have that problem, but at 1 at night everybody was still awake because of the noise. The “communal area” looked more like a storage for chairs than a room that people can use. If I wanted to charge my stuff I could sit somewhere between the chairs, because some of the outlets weren’t even working.

When I took a shower they run out of hot water after 3 minutes. Just right after I used my shampoo. Absolutely great as well.

And don’t even start about the beds. I am a pretty easy sleeper: I can sleep in most busses, trains, benches and if I’m really tired even on a rock. But this bed was absolutely horrible. I could feel the frame of the bed through the mattress. And.. the mattress was smaller than the frame, so I could actually see the person that was sleeping in the bed below me. Chao good night of sleep.

On top of that the staff was just really rude and not interested in the guests at all. I bought a beer and asked for an opener. The guy grabbed the money out of my hands and said I should find someone on the balcony to open it for me. Who was I to bother him and ask for an opener at the bar?

I hate to complain, but I really want to warn people for this place. Not only is it a huge disappointment, but because lack of sleep you won’t have a nice next day in Bucharest as well. You should only stay here if you REALLY want to stay in the old city center, but don’t want to spend a minute inside the hostel itself.

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These were my tips for hostels in Bucaharest. Do you have more tips for accommodations? Or maybe you know a horrible place, so you can warn people? Let me and other travellers know in the comments!

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