6x useful websites for digital nomads

More and more people work remotely nowadays – often as a digital nomad in different places. In this blog I will share some useful websites that I often use because of my location-independant work.

But first: what is a digital nomad exactly?

A digital nomad is a freelancer or entrepeneur that doesn’t need a work space in ONE place. Most of the work can be finished on the computer and/or online. Also finding new clients and jobs online is getting easier than a few years ago. So basically a digital nomad can go wherever he/she wants, as long as there is some decent internet.

Some examples of jobs digital nomads have is writing, website maintenance, blogging, social media managing, virtual assistent, online coaching, language teacher and video editor. As long as they don’t need to be in a specific place.

By the way, digital nomad is NOT a study or a profession. You can’t go to university to ‘study being a digital nomad’. It’s a lifestyle, a way how people want to combine living and working. This lifestyle is definitely amazing, because in your spare time you can explore new places and try new food. But don’t forget you still have to work as a digital nomad! Otherwise the adventure is over really soon.

Useful website for digital nomads

So enough about the lifestyle as digital nomad and back to the websites I want to share with you. In this blog I will share 6 useful websites I love to use as a digital nomad. Let’s go!

1. Nomadlist

As a digital nomad you can basically go wherever you want. The possibilites are endless. Do you need some help by picking your next destination? Then Nomadlist is a great website to do some research. This website compares a lot of cities, all over the world. How good is the internet speed in this city? How much does it cost to rent a place? To move around by public transport? How is the weather? And is it safe? In general but also for female travelers and the LGBT community. Furthermore, is the city a popular destination for digital nomads, so it’s easy to meet with others as well?

A lot of questions you can ask before heading to a new destination, right? Nomadlist is a great way to check what is important for you as a digital nomad. You can search both in general or for a specific month.


2. Travel Massive

I love the Travel Massive Community! It’s a place where you can meet other travelers and entrepeneurs, but also check out (new) travel companies. More than once I had collaborations because of this website. There is also a marketplace for freelancers and digital nomads. Furthermore they have some nice webinars every now and then, so I would recommend to sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date!


3. Appear.in

As a digital nomad it’s common to talk to people via your phone or computer. And you don’t wanna pay €100 euros for a phonecall. A lot of people are using Skype. I do like Skype, but I don’t like the fact that my contacts list is full of people I have spoken once.

But there is a great alternative: Appear.in. If you wanna (video) chat with people you can start a virtual meeting room. You share the name of the room with your partner(s) and everybody can log in easily. In the free version you can use a meeting room with 4 people, in the paid version up to 12 people.


4. CoLiving

Almost everywhere in the world there is internet nowadays. But as a digital nomad you sometimes miss colleagues as well. Especially if you’re travelling by yourself for a long time it can be lonely. The best way to connect with other entrepeneurs / freelancers / digital nomads are co-working and co-living places. These places are great to connect with likeminded people. A great place to search for those places is the website Coliving.com.


5. Every Time Zone

As good as I am with words, as bad I am with numbers. So time zones are horror for me. Especially when you have some phone calls or virtual meetings while you’re in another continent. With the website Every Time Zone you don’t have to freak out about that anymore. The website uses the local time on your computer and shares the time difference, all over the world.


6. HotelWifiTest

Internet is important for a digital nomad. Almost more important than a good bed or decent food. And some people rely on fast internet, for uploading videos and photos for example. A great website to check the internet speed in accommodations is HotelWiFiTest. You can filter the places both with the review of the internet and of the accommodation.

Extra tip: I often use the internet of accommdations where I am not even staying. Sometimes you can buy a ticket for one hour- or one day-access to the internet. And if there is a hotel restaurant you often get the password for the internet as well if you order something.


I hope this list of useful websites for digital nomads is helping you guys! Are you thinking about working remotely as well? Or are you just curious about this lifestyle? Or are you a nomad and you wanna add an amazing website to this list as well? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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