Best coffee places in Brasov (for digital nomads)

Brasov is a great place for digital nomads. The city in Transylvania has a lot of nice coffee places and nobody thinks it’s weird to open your laptop and have a work day. Besides that Brasov is a great base to explore the surroundings. There are a lot of beautiful castles and amazing nature parks where you can do some hiking in your spare time. In this blog I will share my favorite coffee places in Brasov for digital nomads!

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Best coffee places in Brasov (for digital nomads)

1. CH9 Kaffeehaus

The coffeeplace: this is one of my favorite places to work in Brasov. It has a central location next to the church and it has 2 floors where you can sit. There are some small tables in the front and a big table in the back once you enter. If you wanna work or have some calls I suggest to go upstairs. The coffee place also has good opening times: from 9 in the morning until 9 in the evening, every day.

WiFi: good internet, you have to log in with a password.

Outlets: multiple tables have an outlet that you can use.

Menu: there are not that many options for food/lunch, but they do have delicious pies (10 lei)! Also there is a variety of good coffees, for good prices. 8 lei for an americano, 10 lei for a cappuccino and 12 lei for a hot chocolate.

Laptop friendly: it’s totally fine to sit here with a laptop for a day. There’s a good mix of people who are working here and people who are coming here for a lunch / coffee break.

Location: across the entrance of the Black Church. Pretty central and more quiet than the main street.

Address: Curtea Johannes Honterus 9


2. La Birou

The coffee place: it’s a small and cozy coffee place. There are photos and cool quotes all around you and in the summer it’s also possible to sit outside. The staff is friendly. It’s one of my favorite places to work because of the nice atmosphere, the internet and the good food. Keep in mind La Birou is closed on Tuesdays.

WiFi: good internet. Log in with a password (it’s in the menu).

Outlets: at almost every table you will find an outlet.

Menu: many options for breakfast and lunch. My favorites are the pancakes (22 lei) and the omelette with Parmezan cheese (26 lei). They also have some salads, croissants (even with salmon or camembert) and sandwiches (for example with beet hummus and goat cheese). You can pay both by cash and card.

Laptop friendly: it’s a small place, but it’s fine to work. Although I can imagine it feels uncomfortable the coffee place is full of eating people. But there’s even a painting of a desk with a laptop on the wall, so it’s totally fine to sit here with a laptop.

Location: in the city center in a quiet street.

Address: Strada Sfantul Ioan 28


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3. Delicious Raw

The coffee place: this coffee place is also pretty small, with only 5 tables. You can also sit outside. It’s a cozy place where you can enjoy some quiet time in the busy city center.

WiFi: there is internet, but you have to ask for the password at the owner / staff.

Outlets: as far as I know there are no outlets you can use.

Menu: good coffee and delicious vegan pies. The flavours are quite interesting, like chocolate-blueberries or salty-caramel. It’s also a good option for people who don’t eat sugar or gluten.

Laptop friendly: the owner is working on her computer most of the times as well (when it’s not busy), so it’s no problem to sit here with a laptop as well.

Location: in the city center of Brasov, in a side street of the pedestrian street. So it’s pretty central.

Address: Strada Michael Weiss 12


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4. Coffeöl

Coffee place: this is one of the bigger coffee places I know in Brasov. Most tables are for 2 persons. You can sit both inside and outside. I like the interior of this one. It’s simple, but with a personal touch because of the photos. In Bucharest you can find another Coffeöl.

WiFi: good internet, you don’t have to log in with a password.

Outlets: as far as I know there are no outlets.

Menu: of course they have regular drinks like americano and cappuccino. But they also have some special drinks like frappuccino’s with toppings, hot chocolate in rainbow colors and freak shakes. These drinks are pretty heavy and super sweet, but they look awesome as well. There are not many options for food. With some luck they sell croissants and yoghurt, but not really lunch options.  

Laptop friendly: you can work here quite easily, although I wouldn’t like it if it’s too busy.

Location: in the city center of Brasov, across the street of the restaurant La Ceaun.

Address: Strada Michael Weiss 18


5. Croitoria de Cafea

Coffee place: this coffee place is really small. At the entrance there are sometimes some people drinking coffee and chitchatting. There is a small bar at the wall with some outlets and in the back there is a big table where you can sit.

WiFi: internet is good, although it can be slow every now and then. Ask the staff for the password.

Outlets: multiple outlets, both at the bar and in the back.

Menu: they don’t have many food options (mainly banana bread), but there are a lot of options for drinks. So much variety in coffees!

Laptop friendly: the place is small, but almost all the places where you can sit have an outlet option. And they don’t mind at all if you’re working here on your computer.

Location: a bit outside of the city center, on the way from the old city center to the train station.

Address: Strada Iului Maniu 17


6. Cafeteca

Coffee place: there are a lot of places to sit, mainly for 2 people. Weirdly enough it’s quite dark inside, although there are many lamps in the decoration. The best working spots are in front of the window (so you can do some people watching during work as well).

WiFi: good internet, you have to log in with a password.

Outlets: multiple tables had 2 outlets, so you can charge multiple devices.

Menu: they have a lot of choices for hot and cold drinks. They have some food options as well, like a croissant or a brownie. And the vegetarian wrap (8 lei) was good for breakfast as well. You can pay both by card or cash.

Laptop friendly: many people are sitting here to study or work on their laptops. It’s not a big problem at all if you want to work.

Location: in one of the side streets of the central square, on the corner. Central location again.

Address: Strada Grigoras Dinicu 1


7. Velo Coffe – Cafe Du Theatre

Coffee place: the coffee bar is downstairs, the part where you can sit and work is upstairs. There are multiple tables where you can chill and work, both small and big. I like the decoration in this coffee place, where the theme is biking.

WiFi: good internet, you have to log in with a password. Ask for it at the staff.

Outlets: multiple tables have outlets, so you can charge your devices.

Menu: I liked their coffee and their hot chocolate. There are not many options for food, except for some snacks like brownies.

Laptop friendly: many people are sitting here with a laptop and multiple tables have outlets, so it’s a great place to work.

Location: a bit outside of the old city center, across the theater of Brasov. In front of the entrance you will find a bus stop that brings you to most places in Brasov, including the train station.

Address: Piata Teatrului 2


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These were my favorite coffee places in Brasov to work as a digital nomad. Do you have other recommendations? Tell me (and other travelers) via the comments!

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