Good and affordable food in Brasov (also vegetarian + vegan)

There are a lot of nice restaurants in Brasov in Romania, where you can have good and affordable food. There are restaurants with the typical Romanian dishes, but also the international cuisine you’ll find here. Think Italian, Mexican and French. In this blog I will share a couple of my favorite hotspots where you can have good and affordable food in Brasov. With the focus on vegetarian and even vegan food!

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Good and affordable food in Brasov

1. Simigeria Luca

Simigeria Luca is a small bakery in the pedestrian street in Brasov. It’s not a fancy restaurant to sit down for a dinner, but it’s a good place to have an affordable bite. The pizzaslices are delicious and they are only 3-4 lei per slice. On most pizzas there is meat, but there are also some vegetarian pizza’s with cheese and veggies.


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2. Bistro de l’Arte

Bistro de l’Arte is a cosy restaurant with great food. It’s not the cheapest meal you’ll find in Brasov, but it’s good prices for the quality of the food. The kitchen is a mix of Romanian and French food, so that’s quite interesting. And they do have some vegetarian options as well. For example I had a classic onion soup with bread and gratin (20 lei). For beer lovers: try the locally brewed beer of Mustata: a sweet IPA.


3. La Ceaun

If you’re looking for traditional Romanian food this is your place to be. La Ceaun has a nice menu and there are even vegetarian options. I believe you can even ask to make it vegan as well. The menu is in English and the staff speaks English as well, so they for sure can help you make a choice. The menu even shows if the dishes are suitable for specific allergies (nuts, gluten etcetera). You can sit both inside and outside in this restaurant.

The food is good and the dishes are quite big. The vegetarian dishes that I had were the vegetarian soup of the day (11 lei), the bean hummus with pickles and garlic bread (14 lei) and the mushroom pie with garlic sauce (24 lei). Do you want to try something traditional as a vegetarian? Then you should go for the polenta with sour cream (25 lei). And the best Romanian dessert is definitely papanasi. Of course you can try that here as well (18 lei).


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4. Sub Tâmpa

Do you wanna treat yourself in Brasov and go to a fancy place, eat in style? Then go to Sub Tâmpa, at the foot of the mountain Tâmpa (never call it a hill, you will insult the citizens!). The interior of this restaurant is amazing and the dishes are some of the greatest you’ll find in Brasov. It’s a bit expensive as what you would expect in Romania, but still really affordable for travelers. I paid 80 lei for a starter, main course, dessert and drinks. That’s about €17 euros. I loved the homemade ice tea, but the cocktails for about 17 lei are great as well. The vegetarian options are limited, but I loved the vegetarian dishes that they have. Like forest mushroom soup and vegetarian balls with mashed potatoes, raisins and red cabbage.


5. Delicious Raw

It’s not easy for vegans to find good food in Romania. Romanians for sure love their meat. It’s not possible to have dinner at Delicious Raw, but at least you can have some good coffee and a vegan pie here. They are delicious and you have a lot of options! The pies are about 15-17 lei per piece.


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6. Casa Tudor

Casa Tudor is a restaurant outside of the old city center, so you won’t pass along this place by accident. But the food is really amazing here, a lot of locals recommend this place! They serve here, just like in La Ceaun, Romanian dishes. It’s great that they have a lot of vegetarian options as well. You will find the vegetarian dishes on “Meniu de Post”. This is a special menu for people who don’t eat meat for religious reasons or because they are “fasting” for a couple of days a week. This is great for vegetarians.

In almost every restaurant in Romania you can ask for the “Meniu de Post”. At Casa Tudor I had some vegetarian sarmale (18 lei). These are cabbage rolls filled with rice and vegetables. Most of the times they serve it with mamaliga (polenta), sour cream and chili peppers. And of course I had some papanasi (19 lei) for dessert!


7. Rawdia

Even vegans will be happy to eat out in Brasov: because there is a restaurant of Rawdia in Brasov! Rawdia has restaurants in different Romanian cities and they serve vegan food. In Brasov you will find the restaurant on the way from the old town to the food of the Tâmpa mountain. It’s easy to pass the restaurant, since the entrance isn’t super obvious. Once you enter you have to go to the first floor, where you can find the counter desk and the restaurant. But it’s definitely worth the search, because the food is super delicious! Even people who aren’t vegetarian or vegan loved the food here. There is a day menu with soup and a main course for 27 lei. This menu changes every day.

The menu is in Romanian, but it’s quite easy to understand and the staff can help you translate. It’s a small restaurant with about 6 tables. There is WiFi and there are outlets for every table, so it’s also a decent place if you wanna finish some work on your computer. It’s also possible to get take away food here.


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These were my tips for good and affordable food in Brasov in Romania. Do you have more suggestions for nice hotspots in Brasov? Let me know in the comments!

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