Desserts & ice cream in Brasov that you’re gonna love

I’m addicted to ice cream. Even in winter time, when it’s -20 Celsius, I can eat ice cream. And don’t even start about desserts, my favorite part of dinner. I can even eat desserts for breakfast. Or lunch. Basically 24/7. One of the reasons why I loved Brasov in Romania is the desserts, pies and ice creams that I enjoyed here. In this blog I will share my favorite places where you can enjoy desserts, cakes and ice cream in Brasov!

Best ice cream in Brasov, Romania

1. Good Food Coffee & Bakery

In Eastern Europe trdelník is a beloved snack. It’s like a spit cake or dough that they will grill on a stick. After that they sprinkle it with sugar and/or cinnamon. It’s a traditional snack in this part of Europe, but Good Food Coffee & Bakery gives the trdelník a modern twist. You can fill these snacks with ice cream! They have interesting flavours like raspberry and aperol spritz (18+). You can fill it with something different as well, like mac & cheese or a salad. I like it, traditional food with a twist!

Price: between 15 – 18 lei.


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2. Gelato Mania

This ice cream shop is a bit outside of the old city center, on your way to the Romanian quarter. But it’s definitely worth going here. Some of the citizens say this is the best ice cream in town. I don’t know if that’s true, but my flavours (Oreo and Tiramisu) were delicious!

Price: 1 flavour is 6 lei, 2 flavours are 10 lei.


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3. EISkalt

Right at the central square called Piata Sfatului you will find this ice cream shop. The ice cream of EISkalt is made of natural ingredients. There are about 12 flavours. Some of them are the usual like chocolate and vanilla, but there are also interesting flavours like pumpkin, carrot and lavender. Really cool!

Price: 1 flavour is 5 lei.


Best cakes and desserts in Brasov, Romania

4. Delicious RAW

I didn’t expect a vegan place in Brasov, so that’s already super nice. Romanians are known for loving some meat, so veganism is not that popular in this country. Unfortunately you can’t have dinner at Delicious RAW, but they do have delicious pies! My favourites are chocolate-blueberry pie and salty-caramel pie. Some of the pieces look quite small, but they are definitely enough. This place is pretty small with only a couple of tables, inside and outside. I really recommend going here if you wanna enjoy a vegan pie, it doesn’t even matter if you’re a veganist or not!

Price: the pies will be weighed, usually 15-17 lei per pie.


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5. Zoomserie

One of the best places to enjoy a nice pie in Brasov is Zoomserie. This pie store is near the central square, not too far for Good Food. They have so many choices! My favorite is the amarena cherry with chocolate pie. If you’re in Coresi Shopping Mall you can also enjoy a piece of pie in the pop up store.

Price: pies are between 10-13 lei per piece.


6. La Ceaun

Papanasi (you pronounce it as ‘papanasj’) is a delicious Romanian dessert. It’s some kind of donut or fried dough, most of the times filled with cheese. The papanasi is served with sour cream, jam and/or berries. In almost every Romanian restaurant you can order this dessert. I have tried it in a couple of restaurants, but one of my favorite places to have papanasi in Brasov is La Ceaun. It’s a restaurant focused on traditional food for affordable prices. And they of course have papanasi as well!

Price: 18 lei for papanasi.

Papanasi in Casa Tudor, another Romanian restaurant in Brasov.

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Do you love desserts and ice cream as much as I do? Let me know if I’m not the only one!

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