Chisinau for digital nomads: the best coffee places and working spaces

I love that I can work remotely, from anywhere in the world. Even in Moldova – a country where I had no idea what to expect. So how is the capital Chisinau for digital nomads? Is the internet decent? Are there nice coffee places where you are allowed to work on your laptop?

The answer is: absolutely! I spend a couple of days in Chisinau and I was surprised by the lovely coffee places. Although Moldovians are not known for being huge coffee lovers there are definitely some nice coffee places to work on your laptop. And the internet, oh my.. It’s SO fast! Really great if you have to upload a lot of photos and videos. Within a few minutes it was done. In this blog I share my favorite places with you guys. Because what are the best places to work in Chisinau for digital nomads?

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Chisinau for digital nomads: the best coffee places and working spaces

1. Tucano Coffee Costa Rica

The coffee place: Tucano Coffee is a coffee chain from Moldova. But you can even find them in a couple of other countries already. There is even a Tucano Coffee in the Netherlands (Groningen)! Tucano Coffee Costa Rica is a super colourful place, with lots of photos of locals from the coffee countries. The coffee place is quite big and divided in different rooms. The staff is really friendly and speaks English as well. My favorite place to work as a digital nomad in Chisinau!

Laptop friendly: most people will sit here with a tablet or laptop, so it’s not a problem at all. They even have a sticker with laptop friendly on the entrance door.

WiFi: fast internet, you don’t need a password to use the internet.

Outlets: almost every table has 2 outlets, so you can charge multiple devices!

Menu: lots of different teas and coffees. One of my favorite is the special coffee Salty Caramel (53 lei). Although I have had a lot of lemon-ginger teas as well. They also have some breakfast options, like spinach pancakes with avocado, cheese and eggs. Besides that they have delicious cakes and pies. Even a couple of vegan ones. You can pay either by card or cash.

Location: in the city center of Chisinau, not far away from the Cathedral.

Address: Alexander Pushin Street 15.


2. BIOrganic RAW cafe

Coffee place: it’s a small coffee place with only 3 tables. Inside you will also find a small shop with beauty and health products.

Laptop friendly: there are not a lot of places where people can sit, so it’s not nice to sit here for a full day. But if you wanna sit here for breakfast or lunch and work for a couple of hours that’s totally fine.

WiFi: the internet is good, you need to log in with a password (on the wall).

Outlets: as far as I know there are no outlets for visitors.

Menu: can you believe there is a vegan place in Chisinau? There are so many healthy and nice choices on the menu. Nice pies, smoothies and tea. It’s not the cheapest place in town, but still cheap I can say. And the portions are big! I had a smoothie bowl (45 lei) and a big cup of tea of 450 ml (45 lei) for breakfast. That’s not even €5 euros. Also the smoothies are delicious – I love their Skin Balance Smoothie (62 lei). The menu is in Russian and Romanian language, but the staff speaks English so you can ask them about their products. You can pay either by card or cash.

Location: in a quiet street, not far away from the Cathedral. Central location, but not in a busy place.

Address: Strada Mihai Eminescu 39.


3. Tucano Coffee Brazil

The coffee place: another Tucano Coffee! Tucano Coffee Brazil is another great place to work in Chisinau for digital nomads. This place has 1 big room (although there is a second floor where you can sit, if it’s not reserved for events). Because of this you have less privacy then the Costa Rica coffee place. But it’s still really nice and colourful. Also here the staff speaks English.

Laptop friendly: most people who come here are working as well, so you don’t feel bad if you sit here the whole day with your laptop.

WiFi: good internet, although I had the feeling the internet at Tucano Coffee Costa Rica was even a bit faster.

Outlets: again, at almost every table you will find multiple outlets.

Menu: the same menu as Tucano Coffee Costa Rica. Good pies, some sandwiches and quiches, some breakfast options. And of course a lot of choices for tea and coffee! You can pay with either cash or card.

Location: central location, 2 minutes away from the cathedral. So a bit more central than the other ones.

Address: Strada Alexandru cel Bun 91a.


4. Creme de la Creme

Coffee place: when you enter you almost have the feeling you’re in Paris. It really feels like a French bakery. I love the adorable decoration. There are 2 floors where you can sit: I prefer the second floor for more privacy and a nice view. There are a lot of places to sit, although in the weekend it can be crowded.

Laptop friendly: most people come here for breakfast/lunch, but there are also a couple of people working here. So it’s not really a problem if you work here, as long as there are still tables available for other people. In the weekend it can be crowded, so then this isn’t the best working spot.

WiFi: good internet with a password. Ask for it at the staff.

Outlets: not many, but there are a couple of tables next to the walls with some outlets.

Menu: expect a lot of sweet things on the menu (they love sweets in Moldova). Although for dinner you can have some meat or fish as well. But mainly the quiches and the pies make this place popular among locals. They even have macarons! Besides that they have some breakfast options like omelettes with coffee (79 lei) or cheese pancakes with coffee (69 lei).

Location: not far away from the cathedral, in the pedestrian street. Pretty central.

Address: Strada Alexandru cel Bun 98A.


5. Poetry Coffeeshop

Coffee place: it’s quite small and cosy, with only 6 tables and a bar in front of the window. It’s a quiet place, because most people come here for take away coffee. So it’s a good place if you need to make a phone call for example. Next to the bar there is a small shop with coffees and teas.

Laptop friendly: most people come here for take away coffee, so there are not that many people inside. So it’s not a problem if you sit here with your laptop.

WiFi: decent internet, log in with a password.

Outlets: there are not many outlets, but there are at least 2 at the end of the bar, in front of the window.

Menu: they have knowledge about coffee, so they know what they make for you. They have the regular americano and cappucchino, but also special ones like V60 and chemex. And some special coffees with matcha or almond for example. The smoothies are nice as well. There are not many options for food: it’s mainly quiches and pastries.

Location: near the northern part of the main street / boulevard, not too far away from the parks. From the Steven the Great Monument it’s a 6 minute walk to this coffee place.

Address: Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare si Sfant 119.


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These are my tips for nice coffee places and working spaces in Chisinau for digital nomads! Have you been to Chisinau as well and you know another great location to work? Share it with me and other travellers in the comments.

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