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(Nederlands) Ode aan Spanje

Ik werd verliefd op de gevarieerde landschappen en de oprechte dankbaarheid van de Colombianen. Indonesië – het land waar ik voor het eerst alleen naartoe vertrok – zal altijd een speciale plek in mijn hart hebben. Mijn nieuwsgierige gevoelens voor Jamaica, de bad boy van de Cariben,  veranderden in ware liefde. En zo hebben nog Read More

Corners, Europe, Spain

10 reasons why Madrid should be on your bucket list

Madrid, you stole my heart. Again. The city with the majestic buildings. The big squares. The picturesque streets where the laundry is drying on a line, meters above the walking people. The cute book stalls at the corner of the street. The delicious flavour of sangria and tapas. The museums with work of the biggest Read More

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That time in the oldest barber shop of Madrid

“I’m going to the hairdresser”, says my mum in the Netherlands with a lot of enthusiasm. I try t oremember when was the last time I got a haircut. 2,5 years ago? 3 maybe? My mum disturbs my thoughts. “You should really go as well. I’m sure they have hairdressers in Madrid as well? And Read More

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What to do in Valencia in Spain + video

Valencia is a lot of fun! This Spanish city basically has everything you need during a citytrip: a nice beach to spend a sunny afternoon, beautiful old buildings on every street corner, modern architecture, a huge park to give your feet some rest, a LOT of restaurants and tapas bars, nice weather all year round Read More