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Venice for every budget

Without a doubt: Venice is beautiful. But is it also affordable? A lot of people think Venice is incredibly expensive. But you are in charge of your own money, so you can make it as cheap or expensive as you want! I think I would stick with a budget of €50 euros per person per Read More

Corners, Europe, Italië

Pretty Picture Time – Carnival in Venice

The carnival in Venice will absolutely blow you away. People are walking in the most outstanding costumes and the beautiful historical buildings on the square of San Marco is the perfect setting for the fairytale-like event. I wanted to go to the carnival in Venice for already a couple of years, and finally I can Read More

Corners, Europe, Italië

Amazing islands in the lagoon of Venice

I’ve said goodbye to the narrow streets that look like a maze in the old heart of Venice. Of the beautiful buildings, which are more or less like an open air museum. Of the legends and mysteries of the Venetian carnival. Of the enthusiastic mask maker Giorgio. Of the many cups of coffee, the hot Read More