Best co-working spaces & coffee places in Bucharest (for digital nomads)

Bucharest is a great base for digital nomads. The capital of Romania has a lot of good coffee places where it’s common to sit with your laptop. There are also some nice co working spaces in Bucharest. Some of them are even open 24/7! And did I already mention the internet in Romania is really really fast? Pretty important for people who work online and remote. I have spend a couple of months in Romania – and also in Bucharest. In this blog I share my favorite coffee places and co working spaces in Bucharest. Great for a good cup of coffee, but especially for digital nomads!

Great co working spaces & coffee places in Bucharest

1. M60

The coffeeplace: M60 is quite big, with a lot of different tables in all sizes. It’s a popular place where expats and international students meet, but locals love this place as well. Some people come here for a nice lunch, but a lot of people come here to sit with a laptop. In front of the coffee place there is a small terrace to enjoy the sun. You order everything at the bar, so you decide when you want to order something. M60 also has great opening times: you can even work or eat here in the evening. Staff speaks decent English and you can pay by cash or card.

Laptop friendly: almost everyone comes here with a tablet or a laptop. Totally fine if you want to work here the whole day.

WiFi: internet is really fasy. There is a password (you’ll find this at the bar).

Outlets: at almost every table in the coffee place you’ll find outlets

Menu: they have a nice menu with a lot of drinks and nice food. I loved the Lemon & Ginger Tea (12 lei) and the cold brew coffee (12 lei). You can even order wine and beers here, especially nice if you have a meeting at the end of the day. Breakfast and lunch are nice as well. I liked the vegetarian quiche (24 lei) and the hummus wrap (25 lei).

Location: north of the old city center, not too far from Piata Romana.

Address: Strada D.I. Mendeleev 2


2. Tucano Coffee Guatemala

The coffeeplace: Tucano Coffee is a coffee chain that’s originally from Moldova (the country, not the Romanian region). I loved the coffee places in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, and enjoyed their products very much. And it’s one of my favorite places to get some work done. The internet is good, there are a lot of outlets, they have great pies and they don’t mind if you sit here all day with your laptop. Besides that the coffee places are always super colourful and the decoration is really cool. The best places to work are inside, but you can also sit on the terrace outside.

Laptop friendly: a lot of people come here with their tablet or laptop, so it’s totally fine to sit here and work all day long.

WiFi: fast internet, you don’t have to log in with a password.

Outlets: almost every table has multiple outlets. Great if you wanna charge multiple devices!

Menu: they have delicious pies and quiches if you want to eat something. They also have some sandwiches, but I’m not the biggest fan of those. There’s also a lot of options for coffee, tea and other drinks.

Location: in the northern part of the city center of Bucharest, not too far away from the square Piata Romana.

Address: Calea Dorobanti 18. There is another coffee place of Tucano Coffee in Bucharest, at Calea Victoriei 100.


3. UrBarn

The coffeeplace: I love the interior of this cute coffee place. A lot of plants and there’s even a swing at the small bar. It’s not a big place, but if you seek something more quiet this is the place for you. There are 4 tables, 2 big tables and a bar at the front window. You can easily sit here and work for a couple of hours. Staff is really friendly and speaks English well. And I love the quotes and decoration in the toilets, so make sure you check that out too!

Laptop friendly: there’s a good mix of people who come here to eat and who come here to work on their laptop. So it’s not a problem at all to sit here with your laptop. If the big tables are taken it can be hard to charge your laptop during a full day of work though.

WiFi: good internet, you have to log in with a password.

Outlets: I could only find outlets near the 2 big tables.

Menu: you have a lot of options for coffee, tea and other drinks. Normally I don’t drink soft drinks, but I enjoyed their Elderflower & Pomegranate drinks (13 lei). They don’t have a lot of food options, but the things they have are delicious. Like the sandwich with zacuscă, a typical Romanian spread made of onion, bell pepper and eggplant.

Location: nearby Piata Romana, in the northern part of the city center. The coffee place is in a quiet street.

Address: Visarion 9


4. Sheida Coffee & Stories

The coffeeplace: this coffee place is really colourful, almost exotic. There are a lot of Central-Eastern and Persian details. It’s possible to sit inside and outside. It’s good to mention that the profit of this coffee place is donated to a clinic for people who can’t afford it. It’s also possible to volunteer in the weekends in this coffee place. Send them a message via Facebook if you’re interested!

Laptop friendly: most people come here to drink and eat, but it’s no problem to sit here with your laptop.

WiFi: there’s decent internet, you have to log in with a password

Outlets: some tables have outlets, but you need some luck to get the right table.

Menu: not many lunch options, but the pies are delicious. I had a matcha pie (17 lei). Besides that they have some sandwiches and yoghurt. There’s a lot of options for coffee, tea and juices. I liked their chai latte (with soya) and their Turkish coffee.

Location: in a street in between Cișmigiupark en Piata Revolutiei.

Address: Strada Ion Campineanu 23


5. Starbucks Unirii

The coffeeplace: Starbucks is always a safe option if you are searching for a working spot in a city. You’ll find Starbucks everywhere in the world and you know what to expect on their menu. Most coffee places have decent internet and a lot of outlets. Starbucks is used to people who are sitting there to work, so it’s not a problem if you come here with your laptop. I worked a couple of times in the Starbucks at Piata Unirii. It’s divided in 2 parts: where you order and sit (left of the entrance) and where you can sit (right of the entrance). There’s also a terrace outside.

Laptop friendly: It can be pretty busy here, so I wouldn’t work here for a full day, especially since most tables are quite small. But for a couple of hours working on a central spot it’s totally fine.

WiFi: decent internet, but not super fast. It’s fine to open Facebook and check your mail and stuff. You don’t need a password to log in.

Outlets: most tables have 2 outlets under the seats/couches.

Menu: expect what you can expect in most Starbucks coffee places. A lot of different coffees, hot drinks and cold drinks. They also have alternatives for milk, like coconut, almond and soy milk. They also sell some snacks like croissants, muffins and sandwiches. I don’t like the food that much, but it’s okay if you’re hungry while working here.

Location: pretty central location in Bucharest, on the northern side of Piata Unirii.

Address: Strada Franceza Numarul 62


6. DRIP Coffee Shop

The coffee place: this is a small coffee place with only a couple of tables (like 6) and a bar at the front window. I like the industrial look of the place and the turquoise details. It’s in a quiet, residential area, so you will mainly meet locals here, meeting or working on their laptop. The staff is friendly and speaks English well. You can pay by card or cash.

Laptop friendly: most people come here for take away coffee, but also some locals sit here with their laptops. It’s a nice place to get to know some local entrepreneurs and freelancers. You won’t feel uncomfortable if you work here for a couple of hours, or even the whole day.

WiFi: decent internet with a password. Ask the staff what’s the password.

Outlets: a couple of outlets near the table in the back.

Menu: they don’t have a lot of food options, only some small snacks like apple pie (14 lei) or banana bread (7 lei). They do have a lot of coffee options, like aeropress (14 lei), french press or a regular long black coffee. I also enjoyed their hot chocolate milk (12 lei).

Location: in an area south west of the central square Piata Unirii. It’s a quiet area and you won’t see a lot of tourists here.

Address: Strada 11 Iunie 35


7. Commons Romana

The co working space: Commons Romana is a bit hidden. To reach this place you have to go to the side entrance and then to the second floor. When I was there I had to ask around because there were no signs (yet). But the co working space is nice and spacious. I also like the fact that there are big windows, so you have a lot of day light. Please check beforehand where you can sit, because some tables are for flex workers, some are for members. I liked the round table in the middle. You can easily chat with others and work. You’re also allowed to use the kitchen in the back of this co working space.

WiFi: decent internet, although my internet disconnected sometimes.

Outlets: every table has multiple outlets

Location: in the northern part of the city center, not too far away from Piata Romana.

Address: Strada Nicolae Iorga 5

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8. Commons Unirii

The co working space: at the entrance you already see a sign of COMMONS. You’ll find the co working space at the 2nd floor. It’s a spacious place with a lot of different tables in all sizes. There’s a lot of day light and you can use the kitchen to get some water, coffee or tea. Around lunch time people eat together, so that’s a great way to get to know other freelancers and entrepreneurs. The atmosphere is nice and the space is nicely decorated.

WiFi: good internet, I was able to download and upload photos and videos. You have to log in with a password.

Outlets: almost every table has at least one outlet, so enough options to charge your devices.

Location: at the central square of Piata Unitii, on the northern side.

Address: Strada Halelor 5

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These were my favoriete working spots and coffee places in Bucharest. Do you know another great co working place or coffee place in Bucharest? Tell me (and other travelers) about this place in the comments!

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